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Wildflowers WellingtonsWITH FARMLAND being used ever more intensively, Britain’s wildflowers are under threat. Hay meadows, woodland, and untended verges – once the stronghold of so many native species – are vanishing at an unprecedented rate.

It’s estimated that some counties have lost up to 90% of their wildflowers since the beginning of the 20th century and about a third of Britain’s 1,346 species are now believed to be in danger.

By growing native wildflowers in your garden, you can make a real contribution to reversing this loss of habitat. You’ll also attract a fascinating range of garden wildlife, including many species that prey on unwelcome garden pests.

Colourful, hardy and engagingly versatile, wildflowers are easy to grow and demand very little in the way of maintenance. There are varieties for every garden situation, from sunny borders to deep shade.

Perfect for creating low-maintenance meadows and equally at home in borders and containers, these heritage plants are rich in country lore, invaluable to birds and beneficial insects and delightfully attractive in their own right.

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The various habitats in which wildflowers and wildlife can thrive and how these can be recreated in any size of garden.

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